ARVIGNE has been your expert partner for the purchase or sale of vineyard land in Burgundy since 2009

Who are whe?

Marc-Emmanuel CYROT, child of the terroir

Marc-Emmanuel CYROT is the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers in Pommard. He himself owns vines in the Côte de Beaune and describes himself as a child of the terroir. Attached to his roots and the Burgundy region, Marc-Emmanuel is respectful of the environment in which he lives and works. The vineyard purchase or sale projects entrusted to him are aligned with this ethos.

ARVIGNE, the logical next step after 25 years of experience

Holder of a master's degree in the international wines and spirits trade from ESC Dijon, Marc-Emmanuel started out working for a négociant in sales management roles for 10 years. In 2006, he created ARVINE, a Burgundy wine sales company, which is still in operation today, of course, and managed in partnership with his wife.

After a number of his wine suppliers had asked him to assist them upstream on some vineyard property transactions, Marc-Emmanuel launched ARVIGNE in 2009. He draws on his 25+ years of experience in the wine business which has given him a holistic vision, from the vine to the glass.

Our services

We cover the whole of Burgundy from Chablis to the Mâconnais region including, of course, "La Côte". Arvigne's missions are many and varied:

  • To assist in the sale or acquisition of plots of vines or wine domaines
  • Supporting winegrowers wishing to expand or reorganise their vineyards
  • Helping young winegrowers to set up their activity
  • Creating wine domaines from scratch
  • Providing sales and marketing consultancy
  • Advising investors
  • Creating "Groupements Fonciers Viticoles"  (vineyard property groups)
  • Keeping winegrowers in business

The ARVIGNE difference

  • Our values

    Proximity, trust, discretion and efficiency. These values enable ARVIGNE to offer bespoke services to both sellers and buyers of vineyards

  • A holistic vision from the vine to the glass

    Firstly, ARVIGNE has a high-quality network of contacts (winegrowers, wine producers/négociants, brokers, solicitors, service providers, etc.) which ensures that we are usually aware of opportunities to buy or sell vineyards very early on. We also have an intimate family knowledge of the challenges and limitations of a winegrowing business. This is the guarantee that we can provide an objective opinion on the value of the vines or the domaines that we sell. Lastly, we are in constant contact with the markets and consumers to ensure that we can provide trustworthy advice on the expected performance and the added value of any wine investment.

  • Exclusivity is our golden rule

    We only take on exclusive assignments. Why do we do this? Because it guarantees the seller the best service and the buyer the opportunity to work on carefully managed dossiers. Our dossiers are not widely publicised. Our potential buyers are approached individually. This guarantees the confidentiality of our transactions, a stress-free approach for our buyers, and the best valuation for our sellers.

Our success stems from our mindset

Marc-Emmanuel is a man of conviction. As he says with sincerity: "I'm not here to speculate; I'm here to do my job and pass on the vineyards that have been my landscape since I was a child. My feet are in the terroir; so is my soul. My customers understand what I’m all about".

Since the creation of ARVIGNE in 2012, dozens of hectares have discreetly passed through Marc-Emmanuel's hands. From a small plot of vines in Burgundy to a well-known domaine in the Côte de Nuits sold in its entirety, ARVIGNE works on all types of projects with the same commitment and effectiveness.